Many of our clients are among the world’s leading brands. Here are some of them:

We strive to make sure that every client is happy with the videos they receive from us.

Here are some of their comments:


   For over twenty years Jeff and Leny Hellyer, owners of Edit House Chicago, have been my post-production secret weapon.

   They have expertly handled the creative editing, graphics, animations, subtitling, and music needs of all my productions and interfaced with my clients.

   They have always made the deadline with time to spare, within budget, and have the people skills to make the most demanding of my clients happy.

   Jeff and Leny have created versions in twenty languages, including with foreign voice-over narrators.

   I highly recommend this 2-for-1 team!

­Ned Miller

Videographer and Producer

BizVideo /

   Jeff, now I understand why Ned Miller recommended you. Love the neat tricks you use.

   Very clever. Very classy. Very good. Thx!

Jim Liautaud

Founder and CEO

The Liautaud Institute

University of Illinois, Chicago

   Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work.




   Jeff - It was GREAT working with you and your wife.  I hope we will do this again as I see many more opportunities to capture some very important progress.

   Thanks so much for your talents!

Anita Laurence

Board Member

The Liautaud Institute

   Thank you so much for your work in capturing our Chicago seminars.

   We really appreciate your going above and beyond for us in the work that you do.

   Thank you!

Marie and the AIM team

   Jeff, just a quick word of thanks for all your hard, hard work.

   You've done an amazing job. Know how much it is appreciated.


Human Resources Director

Major home goods chain

   The video looks great. Just talked with our client and he’s super pleased

   Great work on this — thanks, pal, for all the extra time, effort, and dedication!!

Steve Multer

Owner & Creative Director

SKM Creative


   Please let me know if this format is a final version that I can forward to our colleagues in Germany.

   Again, thanks for a tremendous effort.


Public Relations and Community Affairs

Major home goods chain

   Thanks, Jeff, much appreciated!

   The response to the videos has been phenomenal and people are loving them.


Communications Director

International travel association

   Edit House has put together many great videos for us.

   The way Jeff blended news clips with our own video footage from the grand openings allowed viewers to really feel the excitement before, during, and after we opened our doors for the first time.

   Thanks, Jeff!


Director of Marketing

National restaurant chain

   You know, technology really is changing the world we live in!

   You’re the best. Thanks so much.


J.P. Morgan Chase

    I live and teach in RI and edited most of this film in Chicago with Jeff Hellyer.

   He would build a sequence that was more eloquent than what I envisioned on paper.

Mary Healey Jamiel

Director and Producer

"Holy Water-gate"

   Thanks, Jeff. This video will bring joy to many!


Jameson Sotheby's Intl.

   Jeff, personally as well as on behalf of the Association here, I really appreciate the time, effort, and expertise you and Leny contributed to this project for us.

   People are really enjoying the videos.

David Crump


Prader-Willi Syndrome Association