We are a husband and wife team with a passion for video production. We shoot and edit videos for large corporations and small businesses.


With more than 20 years of experience, we are extremely reliable (and have never missed a client deadline)! In short, we love what we do, and we do what we love.


We are very focused on meeting our clients' needs, and we work very hard to ensure

every video meets our own highest quality standards, too.


The award-winning founder and owner of Edit House Chicago has more than 20 years of video production experience. In the ‘90s, he produced, shot, and edited the Chicago radio and television documentary “Wake Up, Chicago!” and he also began working on corporate videos. Along the way in the ’90s he also edited dozens of music videos, 3 feature films, many documentaries, and countless promotional videos.


 Jeff has continued to focus on corporate videos until the present, and has added directing, as well as shooting, lighting, sound, editing, and graphics, to cover all bases of production and post-production.


He has taught Video Production (University of Illinois) and Editing (Chicago Filmmakers, Live Marketing). His works have been seen on Showtime, PBS,  the Documentary Channel, The Learning Channel, and other television outlets internationally.


Jeff Hellyer edits mostly with Adobe Premiere CC these days, and can easily slip back into Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid Media Composer, along with After Effects for motion graphics. And for fun, Jeff writes songs and creates original music videos, which can be found at JeffHellyerMusic.com


Jeff Hellyer


The co-owner of Edit House Chicago, Leny has over 15 years of experience creating videos for small, medium, and global brands.


Originally from Brazil and a native speaker of Portuguese, Leny learned English at a young age. She is self-motivated, highly organized, and deadline oriented.


She loves working with graphics, is also a video editor, and has been involved with production and post-production on hundreds of video projects over the years.

Leny Hellyer